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What is sleep apnea (OSA)?

There are many forms of sleep disordered breathing conditions.

OSA – Obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) is the most common type of sleep apnoea and is caused by complete obstruction of the upper airway, caused by relaxation of the muscles controlling the soft palate and tongue.

An “event” is characterised by complete cessation of airflow for at least 10 seconds.

Central Sleep Apnoea – CSA – Generally there is a defect of some sort in the nervous system that prevents the brain from being able to properly control breathing during sleep.  The brain will stop sending signals to the muscles that control breathing. CSA can develop in persons who have life threatening problems with the brainstem (which controls breathing).

Complex Sleep Apnoea – A condition which has a combination of obstructive and central sleep apnoea. Starts as an Obstructive apnoea and transforms into a central apnoea.

 Mixed Sleep Apnoea – A condition which has a combination of obstructive and central sleep apnoea. Sleep study demonstrates both obstructive, and or central and or hypopnea.

Sleep Apnea Causes and Symptoms

 Sleep: excessive daytime sleepiness, insomnia, nightmares, sleep deprivation, or snoring

High Blood Pressure: and the increasing risk of heart disease.

Morning headaches

Frequent nocturnal urination

Depression: As much as 75 percent of human growth hormone is released during sleep.

Large neck size

How do you diagnose sleep apnea?

 The first step would be to undertake a Polysomnogram. This sleep test monitors both Neurological as well as Pomological factors.

What is a sleep clinic?

 In  order for a clinical technologist to do a complete Polysomnogram on a patient. Some practises make use of a sleep clinic for a patient to overnight. In hospital studies or home studies may also be completed.

What is the treatment for sleep apnea?

This is the frontline treatment for sleep apnea: Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy.  It keeps the airway open by gently providing a constant stream of positive   pressure air through a mask.

Some people have trouble using a CPAP or Sleep Apnea Machine and then decide to end the treatment before achieving any lasting benefit. This is a mistake, as there are many measures that can be taken to ensure the equipment is more comfortable and the adjustment period without a hiccup.

Do I need a prescription for a CPAP device?

 A prescription from a clinical technologist or Doctor is required. Due to the variety and differences in sleep disordered breathing, and cardiovascular complications, a prescription is necessary.

 What is oxygen therapy?

 Also known as supplemental oxygen, Oxygen therapy is the use of oxygen as a medical treatment. This medical treatment can be used for carbon monoxide toxicity, cluster headaches, low blood oxygen and to ensure enough oxygen while inhaled anesthetics are administered.

Some diseases associated with oxygen supplementation.

MND Motor Neuron Disease – is any of several neurodegenerative disorders that selectively affect motor neurons, the cells that control voluntary muscles of the body.


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