• Manufacturer – Phillips Respironics Enhancing patient comfort, flexibility, and compliance Description Enhancing patient comfort, flexibility, and compliance System One sleep therapy platform gets smart with enhanced design, advanced intelligence and comfort for exceptional care and easier patient management. Auto-Trial and CPAP-Check modes provide the patient with efficient therapy while reducing care intervention Opti-Start feature in the REMstar Auto is intended to improve patient comfort and reduce the likelihood of residual events at the beginning of therapy. New heated hose linked to System One Humidity Control provides optimal humidification even in cold environment in order to achieve the goals of limiting calls backs from patient and improving therapy acceptation Enhanced design will make the device look less like a medical device and better fit in the patient’s bedroom

  • Manufacturer – Phillips Respironics Advanced thinking further simplifies management of complex sleep apnea. Description Advanced thinking further simplifies management of complex sleep apnea. What if you could easily and effectively treat your most complicated sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) patients—stay connected to them at home as their needs change, and improve  your at-home management to positively impact long-term compliance? BiPAP autoSV Advanced—System One was specifically designed and validated to give you the peace of mind to not only treat patients with Complex Sleep Apnea, Central Apnea or Mixed Apnea, but the ability to manage their future needs in an effective and cost-efficient manner. Improved real time access to patient’s data provides doctors and home healthcare providers with daily patient usage, compliance and efficacy data to help assess the success of treatment. Clinically proven algorithms, including the innovative Auto EPAP, continually monitor and adjust to a patient’s changing therapy needs. Demonstrated Bi-Flex technology enhances patient comfort for long-term efficacy. The BiPAP autoSV Advanced—System One incorporates more device intelligence so that you can make the most informed and timely decisions for your patients. By combining the proven autoSV Advanced algorithm with the System One platform, the BiPAP autoSV Advanced—System One: Monitors sleep assessment parameters to provide optimum feedback for your most complicated patients Provides detailed patient-flow waveform data, and is able to recognize indicators beyond classic OSA symptoms Provides valuable information in real-time with the addition of the modem options to simplify patient management Incorporates our state-of-the-art Encore patient data management and reporting system automatically gathering vital patient information through a secured-access website available via any computer. The BiPAP autoSV Advanced—System One puts timely, accurate patient information at your fingertips, allowing you to instantly change prescriptions or communicate as necessary. The intelligence is easily accessible and can be collected through wireless modems for remote…

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  • Take charge with ease and confidence. DreamStation is responsive, informative, easy-to-use and connects remotely to your care team. In virtually every way, it’s designed to make it comfortable to help you stay committed to treating your sleep apnea. The colorful display features an icon-based navigation system. 63% quieter than the ResMed Airsense 10.* Among the leading CPAP brands, DreamStation features comprehensive selection of wireless options — including Bluetooth, Cellular and WiFi.** Performance Check— gives you peace of mind by simplifying in-home evaluation and troubleshooting, while confirming every morning that your device was working properly through the night. Provides maintenance alerts and reminders every 30 days. Available in Auto CPAP, CPAP Pro, CPAP, DreamStation Go Travel CPAP, Auto BiPAP, and BiPAP Pro versions to meet your therapy needs